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Apply a View

A view changes the way that the locations and routes in your collection are displayed on your map.

To allow for ultimate flexibility, you can alter views using formulas that can be saved and shared with others. To find out what each function does, you can tap on the “Documentation” tab inside the app. There is also a “Preview” tap where you can see a quick preview of what effect the active formula will have on your collection.

Creating views

Open the view settings by tapping on the levers icon in your collection. Changes that you make here will be applied automatically to your collection after pressing “Done”. If you’d like to save your view as a preset, which is shared with your collaborators and followers, you can press “Save..”.

Editing views

You can either quickly swap presets by pressing the “View:” button inside your collection or press the levers button to edit the view itself.

View types


Filters let you filter locations and routes by their fields or other properties.


Only show items that are nearby me: distance < 10km


You can group the items in your collection by their fields or other properties.


Group my sport activities by a day of the week field: day-of-the-week


Sort your collection within each group, including whether it’s ascending or descending.


Sort by date added: maparoni-updated ?? maparoni-added


Styling allows you to change the look of the pins or routes: you can change the pin’s shape, colour or insert an emoji. Again, you can tie this to the value of a field.


Instead of a pin for locations, show a circle that grows or shrinks depending on how high a number field is: circle(3 * sqrt(number_total / pi), (number_last_week ?? 0) == 0 ? green : (number_last_week ?? 0 <= 10 ? yellow : red))

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