Drag and Drop

Maparoni has extensive support for Drag and Drog: drag and drop within the app but also from and to other apps.

On the iPhone, you can easily rearrange things or move items between collections but on the iPad this really shines: Adding locations, URLs or images from other apps is as simple as picking them up in that app, and then dropping them in the list or on the map in Maparoni. The same applies to dragging things out of Maparoni into other apps.

This guide provides an overview of what type of items can be dropping into Maparoni, where you can drop them, what you can drag out and what type of content is supported.

Drop in (iPad only)

What Maparoni accepts

  • GeoJSON files
  • Map items, e.g., locations from Apple Maps
  • URLs
  • Text

Where you can drop what

Files list:

  • Card
    • List: GeoJSON files
    • Spring-loading: You can also hover over a collection, to open it
  • Map: Nothing


  • Card
    • List: Map items
    • Spring-loading: You can also hover over a location to open it, or hover over the close button to get back to the files list
  • Map
    • Primary: URL or text to create a location at that coordinate

Location details:

  • Primary: URL, text, images (depending on field)

Drag out (iPad only)

Files list:

  • GeoJSON file + as text


  • MapItem + same as how Apple Maps does it?

Location details:

  • Nope? Or maybe just in “preview” mode?

In-app dragging

  • Files: re-arrange in Files, (not yet) merge two files by dragging it into second?
  • Collection: re-arrange in collection, move to another collection
  • Properties: Nope