Map Tiles

You can select the tiles that the map using the map button in the top right on the map. It comes with the regular “Map”, “Satellite” and “Satellite with labels” options, where the last two are in 3D. Additionally there’s a “Custom Tiles…” option which let’s use a custom tiles.

Custom tiles

Maparoni supports custom map styles using bitmap map tiles that are hosted on a server. You’ll need the a URL template for that tile server which tells Maparoni how to fetch each map tile.

Tile URL templates

These URL templates like: "http://server.awesome/{z}/{x}/{y}.png"

The {x}, {y} and {z} parts are required and follow this schema:

Each tile has a z coordinate describing its zoom level and x and y coordinates describing its position within a square grid for that zoom level. Hence, the very first tile in the web map system is at 0/0/0.

Additionally, you can have a {scale} part, if the tile server supports high-resolution tiles. And for faster loads, you can also specify a list of servers by using a [a,b,c] where appropriate in the URL.


There are many providers of tile servers and you can also create your own and host them. The OpenStreetMap wiki lists several of them, and commercial products like Mapbox Studio or MapTiler let you create your own, too.

Here are some example URL templates:

  • OpenStreetMap: https://[a,b,c]${z}/${x}/${y}.png
  • CycleOSM: https://[a,b,c]{z}/{x}/{y}.png
  • Humanitarian Map Style: http://[a,b]${z}/${x}/${y}.png
  • Stamen Toner: http://[a,b,c]${z}/${x}/${y}.png
  • Stamen Watercolor: http://[a,b,c]${z}/${x}/${y}.jpg
  • ÖPNVKarte:${z}/${x}/${y}.png