How do I import my map data?

Maparoni supports opening map data in GeoJSON format.

There is support for importing encoded plylines, GPX and JSON data.

To import data in other formats, you can use one of the following services to convert your data into GeoJSON:

Alternatively, you can import data into Maparoni using the various URL schemes.

On which platforms is Maparoni available?

Apple’s iOS and macOS.

However, as Maparoni saves its data as text files in your preferred locations in the standard GeoJSON format, Maparoni collections can be viewed in any compatible viewer – at least to some extend.

Why doesn’t Maparoni on the Mac re-open my previously opened collection?

Open the System Preferences app, go to the “General” tab and check if “Close windows when quitting an app” is selected. Maparoni respects this setting, so if you want it to re-open previous collections (i.e., documents) disable that option.